Please follow the steps below to complete your installation of NETePay Datacap EasyCheckout 1.08

Step 1 - Install Client Control

In order to communicate with this NETePay your POS may use one of the following ActiveX controls depending on the integration method chosen by the POS developer. If you are unsure of which to install please contact POS technical support.

dsiEMVUS® 1.66

Release date: 11/14/2022

Datacap’s out-of-scope ActiveX control for NETePay supporting a variety of EMV-enabled hardware options.

For information on supported devices please see our Compatible devices page.

Release notes for v1.66

  • Support is added for the PAX A35. Also, the PAX IM30 for EVO is released now that we have a full certification for this unattended device. New SecureDevice values listed below...
    • EMV_A35_VANTIV_E2E
    • EMV_A35_TSYS
    • EMV_A35_EVO
    • EMV_IM30_EVO
  • For Ingenico devices, the left 4 characters of the kernel version is now checked rather than the entire kernel version field returned in the 07. command response.
  • Previously, the IDTech VP6800 would quickly flash “Canceled” during a PadReset. This message has been removed.
  • This version of dsiEMVUS allows the new VoidByInvoiceNo transaction to be passed through to NETePay. The VoidByInvoiceNo trancode does not collect card data.
  • The IDTech VP3300 whitelist is now enabled during the end of an EMVParamDownload. It is expected that an ISV will perform an EMVParamDownload rather than a dsiPDCX SecureDeviceInit which also loads the whitelist for the VP3300.
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / 8 Pro / 7 Pro / Vista Pro / XP Pro
Step 2 - Install NETePay Datacap EasyCheckout 1.08

This NETePay is available via the NETePay 5 Director which provides a simplified installation process and go-forward automatic software updates. NETePay 5 Director is recommended but if needed the classic installation process is still available by clicking Download as usual.

To learn more about the NETePay 5 Director click here.

Release date: 04/26/2022

  • When using UseLastCardID, EasyCheckout will now use the card data saved from the previous transaction (chip, swipe, manual) regardless of whether the Directive for the next transaction is CardDataCollection or CardDataCollectionManual.
  • The placeholder amount for CardDataCollection is now allowed to be 0.00 only for a ZeroAuth transaction. For all other transactions, the placeholder amount must be greater than 0.00.
  • During Initialize EMV Device, EasyCheckout now attempts to disable MiFare contactless reads by setting parameter 0008_0023 to a value of "1". This parameter is not available for all versions of Ingenico UPP. If the parameter is available, then EasyCheckout will set the parameter to "1".
  • For EBT transactions, if <FoodBalance> and <CashBalance> are both returned from NETePay, then EasyCheckout will now include both Food Balance and Cash Balance as part of the receipt data.
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / 8 Pro / 7 Pro (Windows XP and Vista do not support TLS 1.2 which is now an industry requirement)