Please follow the steps below to complete your installation of NETePay Hosted Bridge EMV - DCR 5.08.50 Rental

Step 1 - Install Client Control

In order to communicate with this NETePay your POS may use one of the following ActiveX controls depending on the integration method chosen by the POS developer. If you are unsure of which to install please contact POS technical support.

dsiEMVUS® 1.76

Release date: 02/12/2024

Datacap’s out-of-scope ActiveX control for NETePay supporting a variety of EMV-enabled hardware options.

For information on supported devices please see our Compatible devices page.

Release notes for v1.76

  • Support is added for Pax A3700 devices. New SecureDevice values are below.
    • EMV_A3700_VANTIV_E2E
    • EMV_A3700_TSYS
    • EMV_A3700_TSYS_VOLT
    • EMV_A3700_DATACAP
  • For Pax devices configured for EMV Debit Only,the contactless CVM limit is now set to zero causing a PIN prompt to occur when a Debit card is tapped regardless of the amount.
  • For Verifone P400, P200 and M400 devices, this version explicitly enables the U01 command – external AID selection. The previous version,1.75, disables external AID selection. If a merchant supports Credit and Debit and a chip card includes both a Debit and Credit AID, then the card holder will be prompted with two application labels to choose between. We cannot display “Select Debit?” like Ingenico and Pax devices. If the POS sends a transaction with <CardType>Credit</CardType> (demands credit) or sends a transaction with <CardType>Debit</CardType> (demands debit), then external AID selection allows the specific AID to be chosen automatically without the cardholder being prompted with one or more application labels.
  • Pre-dip functionality is added for Pax devices. The normal EMV transaction is split into two parts where the first part involves only collecting the card data and the second part involves processing a payment using the card data previously stored. A new method (function call) is added called CollectCardData. Once card data is collected, it can be used repeatedly by including XML tag <UseLastCardID> in any “EMV” payment request. The transaction will process without any prompts for card data. Amount prompting will still occur if not suppressed. Any “ByRecordNo” transaction will ignore a <UseLastCardID> tag in the request and process as “ByRecordNo” using the token in the <RecordNo> tag. Today, CollectCardData is supported only for Pax devices. However, when a “normal” transaction is performed with any Secure Device, the card data is now stored in memory allowing the same card data to be used repeatedly on the following transaction using the <UseLastCardID> tag and supplying the correct last four digits from the card account number. This allows the same card data to be used for a split payment. dsiEMVUS stores only the last card data collected and must be identified with a matching value in the <UseLastCardID> tag to be used for any subsequent transaction.
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro / 10 Pro / Server 2019 / Server 2016


dsiPDCX® 1.91

Release date: 02/12/2024

Datacap’s out-of-scope ActiveX control for NETePay and GIFTePay software that supports dozens of plug and play hardware options, including PIN Pads, Mag stripe readers, all-in-one touch terminals and contactless readers.

Release notes for v1.91

  • Support is added for Pax A3700 devices. The PAX devices support Credit, Debit, EBT and PrePaid. New SecureDevice values are below.
    • PAXA3700
    • PAXA3700_DATACAP_E2E
    • PAXA3700_VANTIV_E2E
    • PAXA3700_TSYS_VOLT
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro / 10 Pro / Server 2019 / Server 2016


DSIClientX® 3.86

Release date: 09/01/2011

Datacap’s long-standing in-scope ActiveX control for NETePay and GIFTePay software.

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro / 10 Pro / Server 2019 / Server 2016
Step 2 - Install Administrative tools (optional)
Local Batch Report Viewer

Release date: 05/11/2020

Local Batch Report Viewer can be used to view the locally stored batch report of Host based NETePay who support support this feature and have it enabled via PSCS.

Release notes for v1.03

  • Fix for an issue which prevented errors from the open batch being shown in the decline/error tab.
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro / 10 Pro / Server 2019 / Server 2016
Step 3 - Install NETePay Hosted Bridge EMV - DCR 5.08.50 Rental

This NETePay is available via the NETePay 5 Director which provides a simplified installation process and go-forward automatic software updates. NETePay 5 Director is recommended but if needed the classic installation process is still available by clicking Download as usual.

To learn more about the NETePay 5 Director click here.

Release date: 04/07/2023

  • Support is added for a new backend processor – Priority Payments. Priority Payments supports only credit card transactions (EMV and non-EMV). The merchant categories supported include Retail, Restaurant and eCommerce. Priority Payments supports all of the basic Credit transactions except Incremental Auth, Partial Reversal, FSA Sale and Balance.
  • A new TranCode, EMVSaleWithSplit, can now pass through the Bridge. EMVSaleWithSplit is a new TranCode used to support "split" payments for the government space. This new TranCode will be documented with the next release of dsiEMVUS.
  • This version is built with the latest Store and Forward and Local Batch Reporting libraries.

New build released 8/17/23 - New version of store and forward library linked to resolve and issue which prevented transactions from being stored.

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro / 10 Pro / Server 2019 / Server 2016